Operation ITNOWIT #1

  • Starbucks
  • Thursday 5/3/12
  •  2:25–3:25pm
  • Tall soy hot chocolate, no whip.
  • $3.15
  • Brought own mug.

I’m going to keep track of the above stats for each outing, just because I think that kind of minutiae is interesting. I’m pretty frugal, so one of the excuses I’ve had (which was a truly legitimate reason when I was unemployed) was cost. I’ve never been one to buy $3 beverages when I can make the same thing for pennies at home. But the goal is to get out of my home, so buy $3 beverages I shall. Starbucks was also not my first choice, but it’s near work, which I went to immediately following.

I know some single people feel awkward going out alone, but I’ve lived alone for several years now, so I got over taking myself out alone a long time ago. (See? I do occasionally go out.) I’ve always been a fast eater/drinker though. I don’t naturally linger over a warm beverage, and I have to remind myself to slow down because drinking the thing and getting in and out in seven minutes isn’t the point. I’ve also never been one to study in public; it’s way too distracting. When I go to a cafe, I’m there because I’m hungry. But of course that wasn’t the case on Thursday. So I sat there with a book and some hot chocolate, and it was not particularly pleasant or comfortable.

A guy did come sit at the table next to mine. He pulled out his laptop to work. I glanced at him a few times, and he might have glanced at me, but I didn’t look in case he was actually looking too. That’s right, I could not make eye contact. He had a backpacker’s backpack, so I guessed we’d have little in common. One thing I’ve learned though is that two people can be the perfect match on paper and not hit it off, so it stands to reason that two people can seem like they’d have nothing in common and become great friends. Anyway, the guy soon packed up and left. And that was it.

Taking myself out for a tasty beverage shouldn’t be a chore—it should be a treat. But this was a good first step. First steps are hard.

Goal for ITNOWIT #2: make eye contact with a male. Painfully simple, that. But that’s where I am.


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