ITNOWIT #5: Tea for Two Take Two

Operation ITNOWIT #5

  • Independent  tea café downtown
  • Friday 5/25/12
  • 11am-2pm
  • strawberry green tea and black bean soup
  • $8.00 with tip, but I did not pay and will treat next time
  • Met D there

Today I had a second meeting with D. He’s going out of town for a week and asked for book recommendations for the plane. I recommended several YA novels featuring male protagonists. He’s never heard of Paul Zindel! What, no The Pigman? Shocking! I had mentioned that he was welcome to come look at my YA collection sometime, and then I wondered if it was too soon to be inviting him over. Anyway, I told him I would lend him a Zindel (Pardon Me, You’re Stepping on My Eyeball!), and he suggested we meet at the tea place I’d mentioned at our first meeting. (He had never been and loves tea.)

This was my first second meeting, and I was curious about a second impression. He was again leaning toward the philosophical. We talked books and writing and lifestyles. I’m way too addicted to Netflix and all the time I could spend reading is sucked up by watching whole tv series. Self-imposed discipline does not work for me.

He tends to prod, which makes me, in turn, tend to dig in. I mentioned how much I admire people who are experts. In anything. People who are able to lecture confidently on a topic they are passionate about. I feel passion about a lot of things, but I’m not truly an expert in anything, and I don’t see myself ever really reaching that level (though I allow it’s possible). He jumped on that immediately–but you could become an expert, you could lead discussions… As if by admitting I admire that but don’t see myself doing it that it’s a weakness or an admission of defeat on my part. I didn’t say it to beg for a vote of confidence. I simply meant that true expertise is rare and admirable.

We didn’t get a split bill. He didn’t have cash and paid with his card, and I didn’t have the correct denominations of bills to give him for my half. I feel pretty strongly that I should pay my way so there’s no date vibe, but he said I’d just get it next time. He ended up walking with me back to my house. It was a lovely day, blessedly cool for the end of May, and I was okay with this turn of events.

He came in and looked at my YA bookshelf after all. D sat on the floor and I sat on the couch and we chatted more. It was fine and not uncomfortable. One good thing about the beginning of knowing someone from scratch is that everything is new so there’s always more to tell. Today I found out that he has one older and one younger sister. He found out that I line dry my clothes and don’t have a car. =)

Verdict? Right now, I don’t feel anything romantic for him at all, and I don’t have any inkling that I will. It’s possible that we’ll be good friends who continue to get together for lunch and talk books. I like that idea just fine.


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