ITNOWIT #7: Music, food, and art

Operation ITNOWIT #7

  • university campus
  • Thursday 5/31/12
  • 11:45am-3:30pm
  • veggie sandwich
  • $3.25
  • Met B at music building

Yesterday I met up with B for the third time. There was a free noon concert in the music department, and it featured cello and piano. I’d mentioned I was going to go to it when B had pulled out that events calendar the last time we were together, but he hadn’t said, “Oh, that sounds interesting” or anything. Later I realized I had done the same thing he did with Yellow Submarine–I said I was going without asking him outright if he wanted to go. So I messaged him on OKC, saying I’d welcome company if he’s free and he answered, “Of course I’d like to join you!” Perhaps a few more “of courses” with exclamation points and I won’t be so nervous to ask.

We met there and both of us were early, so we chatted outside. I’d say we’re about as comfortable as two introverts who are just getting to know each other, and who may or may not actually be dating, can be. I’m not really that introverted when there’s only two people, and I have a tendency to talk a lot if I have something to say on a topic. Plus, I do that bad listener thing where I’m formulating my response instead of actually listening. So I tried to concentrate on listening, and I also wanted to give B a chance to bring up a topic of conversation instead of me diving in to rescue us from silence. I’m not sure I did well on the first goal, because I don’t remember much of our conversation now.

I had to ask B for his arm again because we had to go all the way up the steps to the back row to get seats together. Then he offered to switch seats with me so I could see. We heard some Bach, Brahams, Rachmaninov (romantic sigh), and Villa-Lobos. The place was full of students needing credit for a music appreciation class or something–it was nice   because everyone took their cues from the professor in the front row and did not applaud between movements. =)

The concert was just an hour long and I didn’t have to work until 4:30. We decided to get lunch on campus and try to find a place cool to sit. The central food area was completely updated and different from when we had been students there, and it was strange to be there as non-students. Of course the place was packed so we ended up back outside at a table with an umbrella. We talked about what B told me last time–his heavy family history, and about the conference he’s going to. I asked him about all the places he’s been (he’s very well traveled).

After we ate we sort of walked around awkwardly because it was loud and crowded inside, but very hot outside. When we ended up by the buses I said, “Well, I guess I’ll go to work then…” but it was still very early. So we turned around and walked some more, visiting two of the art galleries on campus. In one of them there was someone sitting by the door, so it was a bit uncomfortable because she could totally listen to our whole conversation. The second one, in the bottom floor of the art building, was completely empty save student work on the walls. So we took our time walking along each wall and commenting on the photographs.

At one point B asked me how I keep cool during the summer (my house is very old and it gets very hot). Later he brought it up again in reference to swimming–there’s a neighborhood pool where he lives. I think he was thinking about inviting me to the pool, and that was his way of working up to it, whereas I’d originally thought he was just making conversation about the weather. Oh, communication, why art thou so awkward?

Again we parted without touching, but with lots of smiling and confirmation of meeting tonight. Yes, prior to my inviting him to the concert, he’d asked if I wanted to go to a student comedy show on campus tonight. I’m not terribly excited about improv, and it’s not until 8pm–which is very night, and dark, and date-y. I’m definitely not sleeping well, and my stomach knots up a lot. And it’s not because I’m all aflutter and swoony–it’s just because I don’t know what I’m doing or how I feel about it.


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