ITNOWIT #9: Boggle with B

Operation ITNOWIT #9

  • B’s place (meeting #5)
  • Tuesday 6/5/12
  • 12:45-4:00pm
  • no cost

Yesterday I went to B’s house to Boggle. On Friday, after the lovely comedy show, we had agreed to get together again before he left for the conference on Wednesday morning. Sunday he emailed me asking if I wanted to come over for Boggle and a movie either Monday or Tuesday, “since I end up picking something embarrassing when we go out.”

I picked Tuesday and told him if he’d pick a time, I’d check the bus schedule and take the closest one. B, of course, told me to pick a time and let him know, since he didn’t know how much time I wanted to spend there. Naturally, I then wondered, “How much time does he want me to spend there?” Sigh.

Anyway, he met me at the bus stop, which was good, because his place is on a little footpath leading into the neighborhood, and I would have gone a completely roundabout way and had trouble finding it. So perhaps it was just relief that I wasn’t going to get lost, but I have to admit I was happy to see him there waiting for me. The t-shirt, jeans, baseball cap–I’m beginning to recognize his look.

So yeah, we played Boggle for about three hours. We did not keep score. =) He teased about playing strip Boggle, and now we have a running joke that I’m going to show up at his place at 6am, dressed in ten layers of clothes, and shake Boggle to wake him up. At one point we looked at his other games, but they weren’t good two-player games. So maybe three hours was a bit long, but it ended up okay. Of course we stopped and talked sometimes. We didn’t do the movie because he doesn’t have a tv and uses a projector to project movies onto his living room wall, so it really needs to be dark for that. Also, it’s a bit weird watching a movie unless you’re okay talking through it. (I prefer quiet, but it wouldn’t have been a comfortable quiet.)

I brought him some chocolate bars (dark, organic, fair trade because that’s the kind of girl I am), and gave them to him saying they were for the drive to Las Vegas, “but I don’t even know if you like chocolate.” He answered, “I’m allergic to chocolate.” So I said, “Well, you can share them” [with the friend he’s driving with]. Then he said he likes chocolate. Whew, he’s got quite a deadpan sense of humor. Either that or he’s actually allergic to chocolate but tried to make it into a joke?

He lent me two books. Which of course now I have to read. They are the kind of books I feel I ought to have read, but I wasn’t going to go out of my way. Now I guess I will. I do mean to be reading more, so it’s probably good to have this pressure. On the other hand, no one likes to feel pressured to read something because it was lent (and unsolicited).

It is getting easier to spend time together. I like him. Every time I think that, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet come into my head: “I can say that I think very highly of him. That I greatly esteem him. That I like him.” But I do like him romantically? It’s true that I don’t feel I know him well at all, but there isn’t anything about him so far that’s putting me off (the way there is with D, being overly philosophical and a bit too pushy conversationally).

He walked with me back to the bus stop and waited with me until it came. Two girls who were also waiting started talking about the Beatles, hunched over a phone. “Yellow Submarine” started to play. “Aw,” I said. “It’s our song.” B chuckled.

If this is going anywhere romantic, we are moving profoundly slowly. If it isn’t, then it’ll be nice to have a guy I can joke about strip Boggle with.


3 thoughts on “ITNOWIT #9: Boggle with B

  1. I give you a lot of credit putting yourself out there online and meeting up with guys and just hanging out. I need to put more effort into something like that. When you posted your profile, did you indicate whether you are seeking a just a friend or dating or serious relationship? Just curious…I am so excited for you.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I put that I’m looking for “new friends” and so did B (see the last two paragraphs of “Insert sex joke here”). I’m relieved that we both *say* we’re only looking for new friends…but do we really mean it?

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