ITNOWIT #13: Hanging out

Operation ITNOWIT #13

  • my place
  • Tuesday 6/26/12
  • B cooked!
  • 4pm-don’t remember

I’m behind on my blogging. I’ve been out of town, and even though I brought my laptop so I could write about last Tuesday, I didn’t get to it. When we left off, I had told B that I’d be out of town and he’d asked “When can I see you again?” Rather than “when can we get together again.” I’m sure he’s not over-thinking his word choice and that’s just how it came out, but it’s such a nice, romantic sounding thing to hear.

He called Monday night to check in and confirm the time, and it was the first time either of us has called the other. B said something about having to be the first one. I guess there’s little to be done about awkwardness but bring it right out in the open. We decided that since I was packing and had no food that he would bring some, and some movies.

We ended up watching one of mine–Roman Holiday. I’ve found myself a man who feeds me and voluntarily watches old romantic comedies. Pretty great, huh? And the food he made was good! Rice balls filled with a variety of vegetarian things (I am; he’s not) and mini eclairs (he didn’t make those). And he brews his own beer, but since I don’t drink he always brings sparkling fruit juices that he also makes.

He told me all about his far away interview and his nearer one, and I told him how I’d have to hide away my music men pillowcase before my parents arrived the following day because I was not yet prepared to answer the inevitable questions that would arise about the giver of such a gift. I said, “I’m sure you didn’t realize what you were doing when you gave me something with Lenny on it–it’s practically the equivalent of a betrothal ring.” That’s really how my family would take it, too. Oh the teasing that would ensue. So I have yet to mention B to my family even though I just spent five days with them.

I actually planned on bringing that up and saying that with B. I don’t know if other people think this much about what they want to say and how they want to say it, but I do. I wanted to bring up our ‘relationship’ and how it’s undefined and that I’m not sure what it is. I said I didn’t think I’d be able to send him a postcard (he’s sent me two) because I wouldn’t be able to mail it without my family noticing, and then my sister would be all, “Who’s B? Who’s B?” He said he understood and that if he mentioned me to his mom, she’d be full of questions, too, so he hasn’t. So we’re circling the issue, both nervous, both not ready to talk about it outright or do anything outright. Yep, we’re quite a pair.


3 thoughts on “ITNOWIT #13: Hanging out

  1. Ha! Except instead of sizzling sexual tension there’s only awkwardness, fear, and insecurity. Rest assured, I’m just as curious about what’s going to happen next as you are.

    And how are you? I keep checking your blog–it’s been five days! Even though it’s a rough patch right now, I really appreciate being able to follow your journey.

  2. Thanks. I’m doing okay. It’s up and down.
    You have awesome taste in movies and music, by the way.
    I am hurt right now and I still don’t regret the experience. Go for it!
    Haha. I’m not sure I should be giving advice at the moment.

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