ITNOWIT #16: ‘We’ve talked the whole night through’

Operation ITNOWIT #16

  • movies/my place
  • Thursday 7/12/12
  • $12.50 (B paid and said no when I offered to pay him back.)
  • 6:30pm-3:00am

When B dropped me off Tuesday night, I said, “See you Thursday,” and he said, “Yes, unless something happens with a job offer.” So all day Thursday I kept expecting an email or call to confirm our movie date for that evening at 7pm. Finally when 6:15 came and I hadn’t heard, I called him. When he answered I was like, “So, it’s Thursday…” and he said he was on his way over and hadn’t I gotten his email? So that was awkward. But I was glad to be going and glad I had called. I changed into a dress and was just putting on my shoes when he knocked. (I almost never wear a dress, but it was literally 100 degrees.) B said it was his fault because he had sent the email from his phone and it must not have gone through. He brought the leftover pizza we had forgotten. =)

B told me he hadn’t gotten the position he’d applied for (the one in the neighboring town). So that’s a bummer. I do hope he gets a job soon. And I hope it’s close by.

It was really fun to see Singin’ in the Rain on the big screen. I don’t think I’ve ever gone to a screening of a classic musical like that before. (Well, except Yellow Submarine with B!) It started out with an interview with Debbie Reynolds. She was only eighteen when she was cast, and she commented how she really was that sweet, virginal girl she played, “though there were lots of virgins in those days.” She is one funny lady, and one who likes to shock people! Anyway, I love that film. I love the writing team of Betty Comden and Adolph Green–such great dialogue. And man, that Cyd Charisse. I wish dancers still looked like Cyd. Strong and sexy. (Gene isn’t bad either!)

On the drive home from the movies, there was a long moment of silence, and I really tried to just let it go to see how long it would last, and what B would say to break it. It was definitely longer than an awkward pause. One of those moments where I wondered if B was wondering what to say, too. (I’m pretty sure he was. I don’t think we’ve reached the ‘companionable silence’ phase yet.) Finally, I asked what he was reading presently.

I think it was about 9:30pm when we pulled up at my house. He turned off the car, so I asked if he wanted to come in. He did, and we managed to talk until 3am. Well, first I pulled out my 2-disc set of the movie and we watched one of the special features. =) Then we talked more about high school and college. We’re still circling around what our (lack of) experiences have been with dating. We haven’t talked about anything past the age of 19–that’s about nine years unaccounted for for B and twelve for me. It’s really only going to take one question for the Big Secret to be revealed. Something like, “So who’s the last guy you dated?” Well, I was thirteen…

Anyway, it was really nice, sitting and talking. A book I was in the middle of was sitting out on the coffee table. Flirting with Pride and Prejudice. It’s a book of essays and stories about P&P and why it’s still so popular two hundred years after its publication. B took it up and began flipping through it. He came upon a section I hadn’t read yet that was in the (mocking) form of a magazine quiz (which told the reader whether she was a Jane, Caroline, or Elizabeth). B read it aloud, and it was pretty funny. I, of course, ended up being an Elizabeth. =)

Admit it, you guys want to find someone who’ll read a Pride and Prejudice quiz to you at 2am, too, don’t you? Is B really being himself? Or is he trying to impress me? Does it matter?

We had our typical, no-touching, awkward good-bye, during which I assured him, “See you soon. No suspense.” I’m trying to let him know more explicitly that I like him, since I feel more sure of it. (I finally hid my profile on OKC, though I didn’t tell him that.)

We will eventually figure out how to touch, how to kiss. We’ve got to. The thought of it still makes my stomach turn over, but it’s got to happen sometime. Probably after plenty of awkward, blushing conversation, just as it did when I was thirteen.





3 thoughts on “ITNOWIT #16: ‘We’ve talked the whole night through’

  1. Gene Kelly is the all time babe of all time.
    You have found a guy who likes Pride and Prejudice? Kiss him already!
    Or at least let your knee touch his when you sit next to him on the couch.
    The suspense is killing me!

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