“stuckatseventeen blog fake”

Today when I checked my stats page, I noticed that someone had searched “stuckatseventeen blog fake.” Huh. Really? I think I’m mostly flattered. But also a little offended.

I promise that I’m real, and that the events I relate here are recorded as accurately as my memory and writer’s prerogative dictate. (I don’t write down every ridiculous thing I say. Just most of them.)

I don’t know whether someone would think this blog is fake because of the writing or because of the content. I have a degree in English and a certificate in copyediting. And I’ve always written and read. A lot. So that’s why my blog is perhaps a bit more polished than the average blog out there. As for the content, well, I can hardly believe it myself. Here’s an excerpt from my journal, dated July 30th: “I’ve certainly never had such an eventful week. It’s the kind of week where, if I were reading someone else’s story, I’d just be frustrated and disbelieving because if they were really as shy and scared as they say, it never would have happened.”

What can I say? We all know that online dating can work out. It happens to be working out for me, and I happen to be writing about it.


3 thoughts on ““stuckatseventeen blog fake”

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about those alleged “search term” things. I think something weird is going on with at least some of them. I just checked mine, and someone apparently found my blog by searching for “sexy back scratchin” – I’m positive that this phrase does not appear anywhere on my blog, and if it did then I would have included the “g” at the end! For what it’s worth, I believe that your blog is real!

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