Intimate Internet Order Frustrations

Recently, I decided to go ahead and order another, larger toy. I want something that’s the same size as B so I can keep myself in shape, so to speak, during the week, and work on moving past the tenderness while everything is under my own control. (I still feel tender after sex with B. He is enthusiastic, but not rough, and while there’s no pain during, I’m tender after.) We do regularly skip the lube now, so I know things are improving slowly overall–in the beginning, I never thought he’d fit without lube!

So I went on my search. Most basic vibrators are an inch in diameter, and I needed something 1.5 inches, hard plastic (easy to clean) phthalate free, and inexpensive. I found the whole thing really frustrating. On some sites you can search by length, but the searchable width range is too broad (1-1.75, which is just about everything). I was pretty sick of scrolling through page after page of toys! But I finally found something listed as 6 x 1.5 x 1.5. I was unclear on what the third measurement was (length/width/height–height of box?). Bought it, glad to be done. When it arrived, I thought they forgot to put it in the box. But there it was, in a corner under all the plastic pillows of air. Still boxed, I could enclose it in my hand! It was tiny! I went back to ama.zon to return it, and it’s not eligible for a return. It’s an add-on item now, or something, which it was not when I purchased it. So, $17 down the drain for me, and I have something I don’t want! Grrrr. What to do? Not something one can donate to good.will I think. So I thought of this blog. I can do a giveaway. It’s white and purple (It’s from Evolved and called Miss February;  from the birthstone line), made with body safe ABS plastic, phthalate free, takes 1 AAA battery, and is maybe twice as big around as a tampon. Probably lots of fun for clit stimulation, and a great start if you’re nervous about or new to penetration. I’d love to see this go to someone who wants it (even if it’s for a gag gift or something). Don’t want all my time/effort/money to have been a waste.

Please let me know in the comments if you’re interested. I think I set up a email that gets forwarded to my personal one as well. I will respect your identity/privacy as I know you’ll respect mine.



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