B and I spent much of this weekend planning our road trip. Next month, we’ll take about nine days and drive through several states. It’s been a bit tiring pinning down our route and making reservations, but it’s also fun planning and googling and imagining. I don’t drive, and B’s never taken long trips being the sole driver. We’ve also never spent that much uninterrupted time together, so we’ll see how it goes.

We also finished Reading Lolita in Tehran today! We read out loud at the beginning and at the end, and were on our own in between. We’re both on the fence about some of it, but I enjoyed it on the whole. I’m delighted that we made it through a book together.

Anyway, that was our weekend. Such a sweet thing just happened that I wanted to write it down. We’ve always talked about nicknames a lot, and we’ve come up with term of endearment for each other. I think it’s weird that so many have to do with food, so we modified a common food-based name. I’ll make one up, because I don’t actually want to reveal the real one. Say we want to call each other peach–we would modify it to “fuzzy fruit.” Then this weekend, we bought a fun beverage by a company called “peach essence” (for example). I said, “Hey, that would be fuzzy fruit essence for us. That’s a good name. Fuzzy Fruitessence. Mr. Fruitessence.” And I started calling him that. Then we went to an event with name tags and he wrote Mr. Fruitessence on his! Tonight when he left, he said softly, “Night night, Mrs. Fruitessence.” And of course I responded, “Good night, Mr. Fruitessence.” It made my heart squeeze to hear him call me that. (Rest assured that the real appellation is quite adorable.)

Maybe his mind didn’t jump to the image of us being married the way mine did. Or maybe it did.  


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