The One Year Mark

October 29th marked the anniversary of our first success at intercourse.

In all honesty, I expected that my body would be well used to it by now and not still sore after every time. But, I’ve also learned that intercourse can be uncomfortable for even seasoned veterans for various reasons and that it’s not all spontaneous sexy fun times after that first go. I’ve made lots of progress, and there’s more progress to be made.

Tuesday night, we put clean sheets on the bed, B showered and got ready for bed, and I did too. “I might be asleep by the time you’re done,” B said as I went into the bathroom. I was actually glad that he was getting to bed early and that it wasn’t going to be me falling asleep first this time.

When I was ready, I climbed into bed, reveling in the first flannel sheets of the season against my skin. B snuggled me, half asleep. “Today is the anniversary of something,” I whispered. I didn’t say, “Guess what today is?” because that’s just mean when it’s clear the other person doesn’t know. B smiled sleepily and said something. I’m not sure if he remembered with my prompting or not, so I told him. And we kissed, and he held me close and touched me. It was so nice. Apparently, I really wanted it. My body was responding to his kisses and touches as close to the descriptions in romance novels as I’ve ever experienced. Happy squeezes of anticipation down below. Why isn’t my body that responsive every time? It was lovely!

We didn’t have intercourse. We did both have orgasms. It took a while, but B got me all the way there manually. It’s been a really long time since that happened, since I didn’t have to take over myself to finish. Hooray! After my turn (such a gentleman), I spent some time on B, and then we slept.

So, no, we didn’t have passionate, celebratory intercourse. But, yes, we had some pretty good orgasms, and without soreness after. What a lovely sexy fun time.


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