How has life been as an engaged couple? Pretty good. We’re keeping things very simple: two witnesses at a civil ceremony, immediate family at a reception. Silver bands and a white dress that I really will wear more than once. I wasn’t going to wear an engagement ring at all, but then we saw one I liked at a thrift store. Turns out it’s good practice to wear a ring. We’re enjoying referring to each other as fiancé and future spouse. We’re bonding over remarks our mothers have made.

The day is coming up soon, and we’ve got a lot to plan even though we’re trying to keep it simple. I’m looking forward to taking his name. He doesn’t have much family, and I’ve got two nephews who will carry on my family name. But B doesn’t have anyone who will carry on his. I want us to be “the S—-s.” I’m his family now. But I’m not looking forward to the process of changing my name everywhere. It’s so many places–not just social security card and dmv and bank, but think about every place on the internet that you’ve ever filled in your name. Oy.

I marvel that soon I’ll be able to say “my husband.” It’s really happening. Finally! I’m proud of us.

As far as the physical stuff that I’m trying to address, I’ve had some small successes. My cycle is still around, but for now it’s not on double time. I’ll take any break I can get and be grateful. For the breast tenderness and crampy uterus, I’ve been very consistent about taking calcium and evening primrose oil. Calcium has been proven to reduce cramps, and evening primrose may help breast tenderness. I don’t know if it’s one or the other, or it’s a placebo effect and I don’t care. They seem to be working and I’m delighted. I’m continuing efforts to eat well, reduce sugar intake, and exercise regularly. I’ve lost about 2.5 pounds. I’d love to trim down another 4-6 pounds. And I’m stronger than I used to be. I can do a pull up! B is building muscle too, and it’s so nice to have support and cheer each other on.

Life is good. So many projects to work on and things to do, and before I know it, I’ll have a husband.