Two years ago today

On this day two years ago, B contacted me on OKC. I’ve documented it all here, so if you’re curious about how it all began, check the archives.

I still marvel at what has happened since then, how far we’ve come. We’re getting married!   Wow. Sometimes two years seems like no time at all to be taking such a big step. And other times it seems just right. So many days, regular days and special days, have passed.  I treasure them.

General updates. That thing I said last post about my cycles not being on double time? Oh, they still are. In fact, I got to enjoy a grand total of 18 days between bleeding finally being over and starting up again. Sigh. Getting fit isn’t easy. I’m the kind of person who can give up something completely, but not have it in moderation. All or nothing for me. I avoided processed sugar for a month, only having whole-food sweeteners like maple syrup and honey. And it was really nice. I felt like I was doing something really good for myself, and I didn’t miss sugar. Then we were given Easter baskets and I was eating stupid jelly beans. I don’t even like jelly beans that much! Still have the goal of another 3-5 pounds. Still staying active with B.

Ceremony day is almost here.


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