February in Review


Total pounds lost: 3

Pounds to go: 10

Handcycled: 4 times. 20.7 miles total.

Weekday walks of more than a mile at once: at least 9.

Days vegan: 23 or 24.

Personal Life

Bleeding days: 18

Sex: 3

With my birthday and Valentine’s Day last month, there were lots more justifications for indulging in treats. So even though I did much better with my exercise, I still had a net gain of a pound. I asked my husband, as his birthday present to me, to make an amazing vegan cake. Which I ate a lot of. Then my mother-in-law made me vegan lemon bars. Which I also ate a lot of. My sister made a huge pan of (non-vegan) applesauce cake/bar things which were delicious. I think I could actually taste the butter. We also had a gift certificate to an ice cream parlor. Sigh.

My cycles are endless. It makes me sad and frustrated. Valentine’s weekend had me feeling weepy and looking up IUDs. Again. My husband and I talked. Again. We are getting closer to taking a permanent step.

My physical therapist said we’d had enough sessions and sent me on my way with exercises to do daily. And I’m not very consistent with them, but I have improved a lot. My pilates instructor notices improvements in my flexibility, but it’s not resulting in feeling any better. That’s where I am. How are you?


One thought on “February in Review

  1. I’m OK thanks – busy but managing so far. Bleeding for 18 days out of 28 sounds brutal. I hope that this gets better soon, one way or another.

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