April in Review


Total pounds lost: 6

Pounds to go: 7

Handcycled: 8 times. 32.5 miles total.

Weekday walks of more than a mile at once: 18.

Days vegan: 27. (Although I did cheat because there was honey in the bread…)

Personal Life

Bleeding days: 20

Sex: 4

What a roller coaster. Mid-month I was really frustrated by my inability so far to reach, maintain, and finally surpass the weight loss I’d achieved (4 lbs.) at the end of January. Three months gone and what had I accomplished? And I buckled down. I hadn’t wanted to do anything extreme because it isn’t sustainable, but my attempts at moderation weren’t getting me anywhere! So I drastically reduced the calories I eat in the middle of the day, leaving a good chunk of calories for dinner (our one shared, relaxing meal of the day). My dessert-once-a-week plan hadn’t worked, but I found something that seems to so far.

I have my sweet chocolatey goodness after dinner, but I measure it and savor it. Really, guys, try this for your own nutella: a tablespoon of nut butter, a tablespoon of maple syrup, and two teaspoons of cocoa powder. Three ingredients and utterly delicious. Plus, you’ve got your nut butter that is only nuts and salt–protein and good fats, and your good-for-you dark chocolate. Without all the corn syrup and hydrogenated crap. And without an entire jar. I mean, I could make an entire jar of the stuff… But this way, I go through the ritual of making myself a single serving every night. And it’s working so far.

I’ve been wearing my fitness band and tracking my calories. And we’ve been going on a hand cycle/run three times a week. I’ve been keeping up with my morning walks. So basically, the equation is (truly, literally) double my activity level, and cut a few hundred calories out of my day (really hard when you’re already under 1500). Exactly what I’ve been avoiding because it doesn’t feel like something I can keep up long term. But keeping it up most of the time makes room for occasional indulgences. (It’s just that after indulging once, it’s hard to keep it occasional!)

And yes, I had a 13 day period, a 2 day break in which I felt crampy and awful, and then a 7 day period. The sad thing is that I feel the best at the end of my period–after the cramps of the first few days and before the premenstrual cramps start up again! Never catch a break. There has to be ways to make this better without being on hormones. I’m determined to find out once I get this implant removed. Can you tell I’m counting the days?

B and I are doing pretty well I think. We did our taxes together for the first time. We’ve discovered bananagrams. I’m trying to be more generous sexually. B is frustrated that he’s having a hard time getting me all the way to orgasm with his hands. But it’s always been kind of hit or miss, and with me always bleeding, there’s hardly time to have consistent practice or experimentation. Sometimes it’s not easy for me to get there myself either, and I just think my body isn’t really in the mood and I’m trying to force it. But how else am I supposed to wake my libido up? So, we keep trying, and we keep enjoying our time outside the bedroom too!


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