May in Review


Total pounds lost: 4

Pounds to go: 9

Handcycled: 8 times. 47 miles total.

Weekday walks of more than a mile at once: 21.

Days vegan: 24. (Vacation. Anniversary. Lots of baked goods.)

Personal Life

Bleeding days: 18

Sex: 2

Well. After feeling like I’d found a good system diet wise in mid-April, and keeping it up the first three weeks of May, I discovered it wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped. And I got really bummed and frustrated about it. I’d been weighing myself weekly before dinner, but on May 21st, I weighed myself before bed, when I knew I’d be my heaviest (truest) weight. Hoping that I’d be back where I had been at this time last year, for my wedding. Well, I wasn’t there. I was just about to go on a six-day trip where there would be lots of yummy things and indulging, and I’d wanted to be in a good place for that. I shook it off eventually (no husband wants to hear his wife complain about her weight, especially when they’re celebrating their anniversary), and resolved to have a good time. I gained a pound and a half, even with walking many miles each day.

I actually had an awesome fitness month in May. Three weeks of sticking to a 1200ish calorie a day diet, lots of walks, and, most amazing of all, we did a half marathon-distance hand cycle/run together! Last year, before our wedding, we’d made it ten miles. Next goal: half-marathon (13.1 miles). But we slacked off and never even made it back up to ten. So we were finally going to do ten before we left on our trip, and then just decided to keep going! It feels awesome actually! To have propelled myself that far with only my upper body strength. I just wish I felt fitter having accomplished that… So. I did all these things and it’s great. But I’m still back up to the same weight I was at the end of January. I don’t have the energy/drive/dedication to be any more active than I am. Maybe this is just it. I love food, my knees hurt. Maybe this is just it.

In the thirteen days at the beginning of the month, we had sex twice. Then I started my period and it lasted through the rest of the month. Yes, through our first anniversary trip. We had an awesome time, and we were exhausted every day, so it wasn’t like I was turning down any requests. But I’m sure if I’d felt like offering, he’d have accepted…

Now it’s June. We’ve been married a year. My knees have hurt for a year. It’s time for B to get his vasectomy if we want it to be fully effective by the time I get my implant removed. We haven’t talked about it since he agreed to have one, and I feel like if I bring it up I’m pushing it again. But since he’s onboard, it’s not pushing, just reminding… Man would I love to feel great, and feel like I look great, and have all this birth control stuff sorted…


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