June in Review


Total pounds lost: 6.5

Pounds to go: 6.5

Handcycled: 1 time. 5.5 miles total. Heat is a great unmotivator.

Weekday walks of more than a mile at once: 14? I haven’t been recording all of them.

Days vegan: 26 or 27.

Personal Life

Bleeding days: 11/30

Sex: 4

Still gaining and losing the same few pounds, but overall heading in the right direction. Same knee pain. I had a massage for the first time in my life. I was curious to see if I would feel any different, if I’d be able to tell if my muscles were more relaxed. The woman was impressed by the tightness in my hips and was able to work it out some. It didn’t feel any different to me until a did something a couple days later with a little more ease than I usually do. And sure, if I could afford a weekly massage, it wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know if I’ll go back though. Very expensive.

As for my cycle–I see that it was only eleven days this month. That’s a whole week more of freedom than my 18/28 days in February. But it doesn’t feel like freedom because there’s often an aching uterus and a feeling of general uckiness that it could start any minute. (Like right now for example.) It’s entirely possible that I have endometriosis. My sister does and she just went back on birth control at the age of almost forty because her cycles were so bad. She doesn’t (and won’t) have kids either. I’m so looking forward to getting this implant out, and yet–what if, when I do, I feel even worse than I do now?

The vasectomy is still unscheduled but finally moving forward. (B has to watch a video and then have a phone interview. This is after having to miss work for an office visit to be handed a sheet of paper.) Thank goodness. I think the timing will still work out okay.

We’re good, but feeling stressed about homeowner-adult things like new dishwashers that should work but don’t, switching internet providers, dead computers, landscape maintenance with water restrictions… (we’re okay with letting everything die basically, but the neighbors aren’t happy–it’s like a common area but we control the water sort of). So many things when we’d rather just relax together. Thank goodness for streaming video and bananagrams.


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