July in Review


Total pounds lost: 6

Pounds to go: 7

Handcycled: 1 time. 3 miles total. Heat is a great unmotivator, still.

Weekday walks of more than a mile at once: 20ish?

Days vegan: 28. I meant to only have one non-vegan day. But then there was fudge. And B brought me some chocolates, so I had eat those. See? It wasn’t all lack of willpower.

Personal Life

Bleeding days: 7/31. This looks normal, I know! Yay! But I had a full week of breast tenderness and uterine yuckiness leading up to it, and the cycle started the last week in the month, which means it carried over into August.

Sex: 7 Hooray!

So, my fitness is definitely not moving right now. Weight-wise, still staying right around where I was 2.5 years ago. (I remember because it was the new year, and I was hoping to get those few extra pounds off.) Trying to cut out most added sugar again this month as a way to stop myself from automatically reaching for dessert as soon as dinner is over.

With three consecutive weeks when my uterus wasn’t shedding, I actually got to enjoy a nice sex life with my husband. I realized something that may be obvious to others. Putting lube on me rather than on him works way better. So for anyone out there still working on ease of entry, there’s another tip for you to try. I used to put it on him and then put any excess on me, but if I just start with myself, entry is way smoother than when he was the primary recipient.

In other news, we finally have a date for the vasectomy! Hooray! There will only be a month of overlap until my implant is due out, but it doesn’t just suddenly lose its effectiveness, so I’ll check to see if I can leave it in until B is deemed truly unable to impregnate. We talk about it freely now, not awkward to bring it up, so that’s really good.

We’ve stuck close to home this summer, trying to save up for a possible big trip in the works for next year. We’ve been enjoying lots of reading days. But I feel a combination of fatigue and restlessness. Ennui?


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