August in Review


Total pounds lost: 6

Pounds to go: 7

Handcycled: Once, six miles.

Weekday walks of more than a mile at once: Have 13 recorded, but I think there were more.

Days vegan: 30. The remaining day someone gifted me a box of chocolate caramels, so I had a few and let B have the rest.

Personal Life

Bleeding days: 13/31. July’s cycle carried over. Then I had a three-day break before it started up again.

Sex: Back to 3, but for good reasons.

August was eventful. Though clearly my weight has stayed the same, so nothing eventful there.

After my cycle finally ended, I tried to loosen up a bit on sexual hygiene and go for (at least the feeling of) spontaneity before B’s appointment. So I didn’t stop and say, let’s go have a quick wash first. We’d showered recently enough; I was probably too uptight anyway, right? So we had weekday sex two days in a row (that never happens for us!), and I was feeling pretty good. Then I got a UTI. Yep. Just as I’ve feared since my first one in 2013. It wasn’t as severe and painful as my first one, and I was able to cure it by drinking lots of water and peeing literally every ten to fifteen minutes for a couple days. Well, a day. Then I thought I was better the next day, and when I woke up the third day it had flared again. Thankfully it was Saturday by then and I could perform the exhausting drink-pee cycle in peace. I was relieved that it cleared up completely after that and proud of myself that I handled it without antibiotics this time, but the experience only reinforced my rather unromantic need for good standards of hygiene. At least B now has seen that it’s for real and not just my being unnecessarily cautious.

B had his appointment. He recovered well, and we are both quite relieved to have it over. There was a woman in the waiting room who gave me a smile when we came in. Only she had a very tiny baby to take care of while we waited for our husbands, and I was so glad I didn’t. At the eight week mark, B will be tested to make sure the procedure was fully effective. I’ll keep my birth control in until then, even though it’s officially due out at the end of September. Hooray for permanent solutions!


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